Accessories for Business Telephone Systems

Our team deliver high performance telephone accessories for Perth businesses. Including headsets, power management, surge protection, on hold units, teleconferencing phones and more.

Constantly connected to your customers

Being connected is the livelihood of small businesses and what keeps you competitive. Small businesses need to be responsive to customers and prospects at all times in order to rival bigger companies. You need high-performance technology that creates a simple, integrated experience across multiple devices.

EnGenius Long Range Cordless Phones

EnGenius Durafon from Aristel is the revolutionary cordless phone system that's crystal clear over long distances and ideal where a number of handsets are required.
EnGenius Durafon uses two-way radio technology to cover the extra distance needed for farms, factories, motels, resorts, caravan parks, nurseries, hospitals; even homes and offices. The more open the space, the greater the distance covered. A range of over 5km is not unusual for Durafon in rural areas.

EnGenius Durafon provides mobility, flexibility and freedom. Add the many user-friendly convenience features and you have the ultimate in versatile, powerful cordless phone systems ideal for rural properties and businesses of every size.

Cordless Phones

We offer a range cordless phones to suit your business environment. Cordless phones have come away since the traditional house hold units.

Touchscreen features, convenient keypads, information organisation and customisable settings along with integrated answering machines make the new age cordless phones a high-performance companion.