With NBN coming online to your area soon, the latest push from Telco Providers to small and medium businesses is to move them to Cloud (Hosted) Telephone Systems.

Commandacom highlights three key aspects that Telco's are not bringing to your attention:

  1. Do I need to upgrade my telephone system equipment?

  2. What features you lose when using a cloud telephone solution.

  3. Total cost of ownership and costs comparison.

Will my existing Telephone System work with the NBN network?

Many of our clients are being approached by large Telco Providers and told they must upgrade to a Cloud Telephone System / Hosted Solution as their existing equipment will be incompatible with NBN. In most cases this is absolutely false. We can install a cost effective adapter to convert to the new technology. The modification can be compared to the migration from analogue to digital TV, when adding a set top box allowed you to continue using your analogue TV.

You wouldn't give up features you already have for more money would you?

Well that is effectively what you are doing when you upgrade from an On Premises Telephone System to a Cloud Telephone System. View the feature comparison guide below to see the difference between On Premise Telephone Systems and Cloud Telephone Systems.

Total Cost of Ownership.

Telco's in favour of hosted PBX's typically include a cost analysis with low monthly payments. A small business owner may not have upfront cost of an on premise telephone system and will consider the much lower upfront cost for a hosted PBX system to be favourable. However, this comparison ignores the total cost of ownership. When you calculate over the projected life of an on premise PBX system, the cost variance is much greater.

Costs Comparison.

*Graph below showing the difference between an average On Premise (Outright Purchase), On Premises (Rental) and Cloud Contracted costs over 5 years. In this scenario we have used a typical 4 user telephone system with 1 reception desk phone and 3 standard desk phones.

Average Solution Cost - On-Premise vs Cloud

Typical Small Phone System with 4 users

Commandacom makes it simple with Rental and Lease options (including maintenance plan) so you can still take advantage of the monthly low costs if you decide to upgrade your telephone system.

Don’t lose control of your telephony, call Commandacom and we will provide you with all options available when upgrading to the NBN network.