Microsoft Office 365

Efficient collaboration and communication are vital components in the success of every business. Office 365 makes it easier than ever to work smarter, not harder, so you can do your best work. With Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as other productivity apps, you can redefine how you communicate and collaborate. Features such as co-authoring in real time, instant messaging(IM), video, and voice make it easier to create, share, and work together wherever you are, across your favourite devices.


Increase Productivity by Working Together in the Cloud

Office 2016 allows you and your employees to use a mix of business and personal devices to access trusted business applications while benefitting from a consistent experience across your favourite desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets running iOS, Android and Windows operating systems – such as the HP X3. Accessing and editing documents in real-time across devices is simple, so your team is always working from the latest version with everyone’s changes saved.

Go Mobile

With the Office apps’ integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business, you can access documents from anywhere, pick up where you left off on whatever device you were working on last, and even co-author with others when you are on the go. Office 2016 offers you and your team full-fidelity viewing and editing of Office documents across Windows, Android, and apple devices.

Work Out Loud

Take collaboration to a new level with Microsoft OneNote shared notebooks. With OneNote your team has a centralised place where they can share all project information, including photos, videos, drawings, typed or handwritten notes, screen clippings, and web pages. When team members work together in the same notebook, OneNote syncs their changes within seconds. Social technologies like Yammer, an enterprise-grade social network, can connect remote employees and enhance collaboration.

Meetings, Simplified

Meetings are an important part of business, providing valuable opportunities for people to brainstorm, collaborate, strategize and share information. It can be tough for growing businesses to get everyone together in the same room. Using Skype for Business HD video calling, co-authoring, app sharing and presentations, the members of your team who need to actively participate can do so from anywhere.

Turn Your Data Into Valuable Insights

An increasing number of businesses are using business intelligence (BI) solutions to spot trends, identify risks and find new opportunities. One-click forecasting in Office 2016 helps SMBs quickly turn historical data series into an analysis of future trends.


Talk to us about Microsoft Office 365 and other IT support services for your business. You’ll like the way we make technology simple, so you can make your business grow.

Microsoft Office 365 Testimonials

Our employees can install Office programs on up to five devices, which really helps them stay productive when mobile.
— Rick Owens, McClone Construction
Being able to meet online will become even more important as we expand geographically. We can hold effective meetings without our managers spending time commuting back and forth.
— Ted Vu, Tastea
I think we need Office to go to the next level, because it’s really imperative that we’re all communicating, and we’re all on the same page.
— Julie Gaines, Fishs Eddy

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