Email Digital Marketing

As a provider of Telephony & IT services, Commandacom helps clients look after their data. We thought, why stop there? We can help your business extract greater value from your own customer data with Email Direct Marketing (EDM).

Now is a perfect time to invest in Digital Marketing. You will be surprised how little the cost is compared to the potential gain. We’d love to demonstrate how you can track the results of your Digital Marketing.

This email campaign is working proof that Email Direct Marketing works. See below on how it works and why so many businesses are moving to EDM's.

Design GREAT LOOKING emails that get results

With drag and drop email builder you can start from a variety of templates and make them your own for completely branded and truly unique emails that look great on any device.

 EDM - Email Examples

 EDM Reporting

Test the success of your EMAIL campaigns

Get insights into how your emails are performing in real time. See how your audience is engaging with your emails, sharing your content and which calls to action are most effective.

Deliver personalised emails to every customer

Emails are most powerful when they’re personalised. Easy to use, yet powerful tools allow you to customize, segment, and grow your lists so you can target the right contact and send the most relevant messages.

Send smarter with email automation

Go beyond the newsletter and engage with your audience through email automation like drip campaigns, and date based reminders.

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