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While ‘paperless offices’ may not have happened as quickly or as totally as was predicted, certainly business-critical data and information is now stored digitally rather than in paper archives.

That means Backup and Recovery is an essential part of any Data Protection strategy. Our delivery of this service will protect your organisation's critical data and systems against loss and disaster. Backing up your critical data helps make sure that your business is always up and running smoothly, no matter what.

Our people can streamline Backups and Recovery with solutions that are developed specifically for your business. Whether the right solution for you is the Cloud, Virtualisation or Physical Storage, we will guide you through the selection process and help find the right type of protection for your organisation.


Protection of your organisation's critical data and systems against data loss and disaster.
Use a consumption based solution to reduce the costs of your existing backup requirements.
Australian data centres for Cloud backups with Enterprise-level technologies securing your data.
Peace of mind knowing your data is backed up and secure.

Services Offered


Cloud Backup is an integrated solution for protecting physical and virtual environments including software, appliance and offsite replication. We create Backups that are simple to deploy, easy to manage and offer unlimited storage in the Cloud.



Give your workforce relevant and secure mobile apps to streamline business processes, enhance productivity and improve customer service and satisfaction. We offer options from custom-developed or commercial off-the-shelf solutions plus the processes you need to manage the apps and policies according to user or device.



The virtualisation of business-critical applications by increasing visibility and control across application tiers. Our solutions will improve storage, I/O performance and availability and joins backup and recovery across physical and virtual domains. And security and compliance are maintained at all times so you can concentrate on other things.



Physical Appliances are purpose-built for specific functions and deliver quicker, more consistent performance and overall improved protection levels than all-in-one UTM servers.


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