• February 7, 2017
You might have wondered when searching for something on Google why certain websites appear at the top of the results – or on the highly prized “First Page” – over others. The answer, more often than not, is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is a term thrown around a lot in digital marking and can come with some wildly unrealistic promises of #1 Google rankings! However, with some tweaking and website optimisation, SEO can help your website reach more customers and appeal to your core market on a broader level.

First off, what is SEO? As the name suggests, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website search engine (Google) friendly, and therefore easier to find by potential customers. Think about your own browsing habits: more often than not it’s easier to simply type the name of the website you’re looking for in Google than remember the entire URL, or there’s a good chance you don’t specifically know what you’re looking for. If you were looking for a mechanic, chances are you will type something like “Perth Mechanic” into Google, which will give hundreds, if not thousands of results. Chances are you will check out the websites on the first page, maybe second page If you’re thorough, and stop there. The Google rankings of the mechanics’ websites is no indication of the quality of their service, only how well optimised their websites are for Google!

SEO is no magic bullet however, and requires research and time to be effective. As mentioned earlier, there’s no guarantees that your website will hit #1 in Google rankings, but by having a thorough understanding of your business or product you can find your niche on Google. Using the earlier example, if you owned a new, small independent auto mechanic workshop in Perth it would be difficult to beat the large chain mechanics or well-established businesses on the first page. However, if for example your workshop specialised in European cars this could be leveraged by SEO to target the right customers. A search of “Perth European Car Mechanic” in this case would push websites offering those services up Google rankings as there’s likely fewer businesses offering that service.

Once upon a time, web designers would hide keywords in the background of websites to boost their Google visibility, but these days Google is far more sophisticated. Good SEO requires intelligent website design, keyword research and implementation, social media and original content. Google determines web rankings with their automated “web crawlers” that scores websites based on these criteria (amongst many others), which is why it’s vital to get them right. While SEO is no guarantee of success, it’s a vital tool in making sure your business is visible online and reaching your target audience.

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