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Our hosted PBX services are the ideal solution for businesses looking to thrive. With Commandacom Cloud PBX, a true virtual PBX, fast and effective cloud phone system technology gives you limitless functionality. With adept VoIP phone technology, you can completely convert phone calls to digital data-driven communications from a range of devices. Not only that, but cloud phone services allow you to integrate your team and take full advantage of a cloud based phone system platform. As such, your business will enjoy streamlined communications, better overall telephone services, simplified platform access, and sophisticated functionality on every level.


Yealink T56V IP Phone for Hosted PBX

Apart from the fact that they save you a significant amount of money, these virtual systems are capable of doing everything physical systems do. However, they do it all more efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to this, you'll get 24/7 customer care and access to both VoIP as well as traditional PBX utilisation. Therefore, your company's versatility and capability will be significantly improved.


Our Hosted System are Flexible and Cost-Effective

Now, let's go over the benefits of our hosted PBX services! That way, you'll be able to get a better idea of what virtual PBX and versatile cloud phone system functionality can offer your business. Not only that but when you fully understand the advantages our VoIP phone systems offer, you can implement cloud phone services to their fullest extent. IN this way, you'll be able to reap the full benefits offered by Commandacom cloud based phone system technology.

Scalable, Affordable, and Versatile

For small businesses, switching to a virtual system offers you significant financial savings. For one, you won't need to invest in costly installation equipment. Therefore, you can redirect your capital and channel it where you want it to go. Then, fixed monthly service costs let you budget for the future. Plan ahead confidently without the fear of surprise fees, surcharges, or unannounced rate changes. Not only that but with flexibility and scalable control, there aren't any setup fees for additional users. Administrative maintenance fees are non-existent as well.

No Hidden Fees or Surcharges

Therefore, in almost all scenarios, you'll save money on repairs. Most importantly, you won't have to spend money on maintaining physical premises. Our hosted phone systems can be operated remotely from essentially anywhere. Whether you're working through home offices or on-the-go, you can maintain a professional image and leave an impression of capable integrated company-wide unification. This can be an enormous advantage to small businesses looking to expand and grow.

Maximize Team Potential

In addition to this, hosted phone systems are extraordinarily flexible for staff, management, executive officers, and business owners alike. As such, employees can work from anywhere. Plus, this allows all team members to maximize their productivity and communication abilities while staying fully integrated with business operations. Whether sales representatives are working in the field or managed teams are working on expanding projects, everyone can stay connected while maintaining consistent professionalism.

Simple, Efficient, and Effective Features

With this in mind, if you've been looking for a way to overhaul your telephone services without complicated or expensive system hardware upgrades, our hosted phone systems are your solution. Switching is simple and requires minimal effort on the part of your business. Plus, as a full-featured hosted telephone system, your business will be able to take full advantage of the traditional functionality that comes with having On-Premises PBX/Phone System at your disposal. Below, we will walk you through the advantages and possibilities available to you when you switch to a Commandacom Cloud PBX system.

Integrate Cloud Based Technology
Not only will you expedite your processes, but you'll also simultaneously be able to conserve capital expenditures.

Fast Deployment
With our quick and easy services, installation is effortless. Consequently, set up will be fast and simple.

Simplified Bills
Another useful feature, simplified bill structuring lets you easily handle billing activities while saving time and energy.

Save Time and Money
Not only will you expedite your processes, but you'll also simultaneously be able to conserve capital expenditures.

Fully Featured Cloud PBX
With all software hosted conveniently, you can avoid the hassles of recurring firmware, software, and hardware upgrades. Therefore, your company can spend more time focusing on critical goals.

Full-Featured PBX Solution
A full spectrum of PBX features is at your disposal, including call recording, call routing, IVR, Hunt Groups, and Call Centre functions to name a few.

Fully Scalable
Since these systems are completely scalable, your business is free to grow or minimize operations as needed. This makes these systems flexible enough for operations of various sizes.

Convenient Mobile Application
Through the installation of available mobile applications, these services are accessible through a range of mobile devices.

Website Portal

All in one management web portal.

Our self-serve management portal allows you to customise your call flow, change call routing, track your usage, change service settings. All from the ease of our self-managed web portal.


Desk phones available with Commandacom Hosted PBX

Yealink T42S SIP Phone
A Reliable and Affordable SIP Phone for Business

Yealink DECT IP Phone
SIP Cordless Phone System designed specifically for small businesses

Yealink T48S SIP Phone
A Revolutionary SIP Phone with a 7-inch Touch Screen

Yealink T56A SIP Phone
Advanced IP Phone with easy Audio and Visual Communication

Yealink CP960 Conference Unit
Enterprise-grade conference phone for mid-and-large-sized meeting rooms

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To put it concisely, Commandacom offers some of the most versatile and capable hosted phone system solutions in the business. Not only are our services cost-effective, but they're also flexible, versatile, scalable, and loaded with features. Consequently, your business will be able to save money while improving various communications and system operations in a multitude of innovative ways. The question now is, are you ready to make the switch? If so, Commandacom is ready to help you! So, if you've decided that it's time to streamline your unified communication services and start saving money, Commandacom has you covered. Contact us for more information!

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