Hosted Phone Systems and Unified Communications Explained

  • September 25, 2020

What is a hosted phone system?

Hosted phone systems, also known as virtual phone systems, enable fully functional calling and communication which implements both PBX and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Essentially, a hosted phone system lets you make calls using the internet. This improves productivity, streamlines communication, minimizes landline phone hassles, and saves businesses money.

How does unified communications work?

Unified communication services let you easily expand your mobility with enterprise-grade communications through a hosted (internet) system. Though UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and cloud VoIP, you’ll have access to a cloud based phone system that lets you host video conferences, message, voice calling, and more. This means you can communicate with coworkers and employees from any device and seamlessly switch from a laptop to a smartphone or tablet subtly without interrupting productivity. With one single cross-platform compatible application and a UCaaS, all communications issues are resolved quickly and cost-effectively. For this reason, UCaaS is one of the best cloud phone system options for businesses of all sizes.

Who is UC best for?

UC services can be implemented by essentially anyone. These systems are especially well-suited for businesses and organizations that have team members or employees who travel frequently, however. They allow you to keep in touch while on-the-go, meaning better communication within the workplace, from anywhere. UC platforms are also especially helpful for remote workers. They allow at-home or remote office employees to keep in touch more easily. UC services work for small businesses, medium-sized companies, and even for fairly large companies. Each UC system is scalable, meaning you can allocate your resources where you need them most. Communicate with as few or as many employees as needed!

What is using unified communications as a service like?

When you use unified communications as a service, you’ll find that it’s like using any other communication platform, just more secure. In the same way that you may use a phone application to make WiFi calls, you can use UC applications to stay in touch with the rest of the office, your team members, and anyone else you need to collaborate within your company. The biggest difference is in communication security, consistency, and overall quality of service. UC services are much more secure than other types of calling applications. UC platforms are also more reliable and can be held accountable in terms of performance.

With cloud system security and advanced connectivity features, your company will get professional service across all communication systems. This means faster messaging, instant file sharing, clearer audio calls, and high definition video chatting. With online presence monitoring and a singular company phone number, it’s easy to improve and maintain productivity and creativity company-wide. Other key benefits include screen sharing, instant voice messaging, scalable messaging, instant message chat storage, third-party integration, and video conference hosting.

Flexibility, Connectivity, and Productivity for Your Business

UC seamlessly lets you transition between communication methods. Converge voice, video, or data synchronization all on one fully-integrated and reliable platform. Your company will be able to connect devices liberally from anywhere using WiFi or hardwired connections. Integrate your phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices and see how easily creativity and communication can flow when versatility is limitless. With secure cloud delivery, UC consolidates everything in one easy to access online cloud platform using cutting-edge technology. This lets your company stay ahead of the curve and prepare to tackle whatever comes next.

A Simple Streamlined Solution for Company Communication and Collaboration

For cloud phone system coverage that comes with video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and secure connectivity, implementing a unified communication system is unquestionably the way to go. You can improve company-wide productivity by using these fast and secure scalable communication systems. Eliminate or dramatically reduce the expenses of other services with cross-platform compatible applications that let your team stay connected from anywhere. Advanced connectivity tools keep everyone in touch and ahead of the curve.