Video Conferencing by Lifesize

Lifesize video conferencing delivers simple, one-touch solutions that give access to anyone, from anywhere. Your people can join the conference via their preferred mobile device for the best face-face-face engagement.

The question isn’t whether you need an HD video conferencing solution for your business—it’s how to give your people the best Connected Experience.
Using Lifesize, you get a simple, one-touch video conferencing solution that lets anyone pull up a seat at a meeting from anywhere, at any time and using whatever devices they want. You even have an option for how you connect—through the cloud or over your own network. You just have to decide what works best for your company.

  • That’s the Connected Experience, and here’s why you need it:
  • More and more of today’s workforce is going mobile.
  • Businesses in every industry must adapt so that everyone stays as productive as possible.
  • People need to connect to one another with an experience that lets them make decisions faster and communicate better. This means connecting from whatever devices they have.
  • So, do you choose a cloud-based or on-premises solution, and can it deliver a truly connected experience? 

In the cloud or on-premises?

Lifesize Cloud

Take your video conferencing solution to the cloud in an instant and watch your teams benefit from the Connected Experience. Our Lifesize Icon video conferencing systems, the Flex, 400, 600 and 800 alike, plug in quickly and connect easily to the Lifesize Cloud service, giving you the ultimate ease of use without any administration worries. Your teams can connect with everyone they need on whatever devices they want from the meeting room to their laptops or their mobile devices.

Lifesize On-Premises

Maintain total control over your video conferencing equipment and system on your own network with a completely customizable solution that you manage. Lifesize gives you the foundation to integrate hardware and software into your existing infrastructure—with a fully unified administration dashboard to control everything.

Free Lifesize Cloud Trail

You've got to try Lifesize Cloud to believe it. No other cloud video conferencing solution makes the conference room experience so easy, accessible and frustration free.
Your teams can connect with everyone they need and on whatever device they want from the meeting room to their laptops or mobile devices. Commandacom are pleased to offer you a free trial - See more at: