• January 20, 2017

Starting fresh for the New Year is a great time to re-evaluate your business IT needs from top to bottom. 2017 could be the year for a workstation refresh, network overhaul, wireless upgrade, or even a new overall IT strategy! Here at Commandacom we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the right advice and technology for your business to help make 2017 more productive for your business.

When considering changes to your IT environment it is important to ask the following questions:

  1. Where is my business now?
  2. What can’t I do with my current IT services?
  3. What do I want from my IT services?

Commandacom can help assess the needs of your business, and also find opportunities to improve productivity and profitability. By keeping your IT environment up to date the risks of security breaches and downtown are reduced. A thorough assessment will also help determine the health and structure of the IT environment, preventing unseen issues from becoming showstoppers in the future. This also includes the status of your licensing across the board, server efficiency, backup solutions and network integrity.

With the prevalence of highly destructive ransomware viruses such as cryptolocker it is vital for businesses to adopt up to date security policies and solutions. Commandacom can offer advice on endpoint protection solutions, firewalls to monitor and block unwanted traffic and email spam filters to keep your business safe from malicious activity.

Being mobile at work is becoming more important, which is why having the right WiFi solution is critical. Business grade WiFi should be secure, block unwanted traffic such as social media or illicit material, give secure guest access to clients or customers, and reach every corner of the workplace.

If you’re thinking about an IT refresh, want to do more with your current infrastructure or are just looking for advice, contact the team at Commandacom.