Panasonic KX-HDV Series SIP Phones.

Panasonic’s HDV Series SIP phones are the perfect choice for business communications to deliver on the benefits of VoIP and cloud based voice platforms.

Built for Business:

Designed to suit business buyers who demand the right features, functionality and value their businesses require, the KX-HDV series phones feature high-definition audio, wideband full duplex speakerphone, dual LAN ports and support for Power over Ethernet (PoE).


The combination of quality, reliability, ease and flexibility add up to a significant reduction in the overall cost of ownership.


Panasonic SIP Phones feature extensive interoperability with a wide range of cloud service providers. This includes RFC 3261 Standard SIP Servers, Asterisk, Broadsoft and Panasonic IP PBX systems.


Businesses that demand reliable technology trust Panasonic, a global leader in business communications.

Key Features:

 Built-In Video Camera

Seamless Video Conferencing

The built-in video camera allows face-to-face conversation via the phone’s colour LCD screen. 3-way video conferencing capability enables remote and increasingly flexible business meetings.

 HD Sound

High-Definition Sound

Hear the other party's voice with crystal clarity thanks to HD sound with wideband audio including acoustic echo cancellation. Standard across the range.

 Ergonomic Designs

Colour Touch Panel LCD

A colour LCD touch panel makes video images crisp and clear, and encourages simple and intuitive operation.

 Linking with an IP Camera

Linking with an IP Camera

By linking with an IP camera you can visually monitor on-site environments such as your factory or sales floor without leaving your desk.

 Built-in Bluetooth

Built-In Bluetooth

A wireless headset can be used to enable a smooth and seamless response to incoming calls.

 Easy Expansion

Easy Expansion

The optional Expansion Module KX-HDV20 allows you to easily add up to 40 flexible function keys.


Panasonic SIP Phone Models

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