The single most important benefit Commandacom deliver to every client we work with is the ability to stay connected and communicate efficiently with their workforce and clients. We use technology to achieve this, with both Telecommunications and Information Technology solutions.

Obviously, communications and maximising the leverage of the technologies available has huge benefits. Of course, these systems must be maintained to ensure that they maintain delivery of the benefits to your business. Commandacom has an experienced team of phone and telecommunications maintenance specialists who are ready to ensure that your systems remain connected or in the worst case scenario, that downtime is minimised.

Our team deliver a complete service that can include onsite and remote phone system service and support. Commandacom offers a Service Assurance Agreement to guarantee your business a priority response in the event of a fault or loss of connection. This means your business goes to the front of the queue when your communications systems need urgent attention.

Your Service Assurance Includes

Priority Response

In the event of a major fault, such as a complete system failure, we guarantee to respond within two working hours. Partial failure response times will be within 8 working hours and for minor faults, such as an extension not working, we guarantee to respond within 16 working hours.

Premium Customer Service

All customers on our Service Assurance program enjoy special discounts relating to further purchases, installations or upgrades. (i.e. Facsimile machines, pagers, cordless phones or answering machines). Our premium customers are also regularly informed about new products and developments and how they can help your business.

Loan Equipment

In the unlikely event that we can’t fix the problem on the spot we’ll provide you with replacement equipment until we’re able to make good a complete repair.

No Hidden Costs

The agreement includes the cost of all parts and labour to repair any faults.

Reduced Rates

We know that our rates offer unmatched value for the level of service we deliver. Our present Service Assurance customers enjoy these and many other advantages, including the security of knowing that regardless of what may happen, their lines of communications will always be our top priority.

Service Delivery

Your Service Assurance is applicable between 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Commandacom offers service assurance for your elected system after the twelve months free warranty service and the service covers the following areas: 2 hour response time for total equipment failure (no service) and; Liaison with Telstra in the event of a line fault. Max 8 working hours response to minor faults. All parts, repairs and labour. Replacement of equipment if needed. Priority service in busy work periods.

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