• September 21, 2016
One powerful software to manage your display network

Simply connect one of these devices to each HD display you plan on using, and configure content and settings using a web dashboard. The software automatically makes any content fit and look beautiful on your display, saving you time.

Showcase the content you love

This is your digital toolbox with a growing numbers of apps that allow you to show the largest variety of content. Unlock real-time social media, news feeds, local weather conditions,
dashboards, and much more on any display. The software also comes with automatic updates and security monitoring. Turn your displays into a giant smartphone.

App Market Platform

This device offers a growing number of apps, designed to engage your audience. Quickly enable any app from your dashboard and see it live on your display.

Instant Social Media Interactions

Bring the social media sphere into the real world. Social posts with designated hashtags and handles appear on your display as they happen, allowing you and your customers to interact in real-time.

HD Images & Video

Upload and schedule images and videos from one to many displays using one interface. You can drag and drop to re-order, set how long or when each image plays.

Cloud Storage

Everything you upload is safe and sound in the cloud. Once an image or video is uploaded, it can be disabled and reenabled for later use!

Display Compatibility

No matter the size, this device easily connects to any HD screen. Engage your audience with TVs, projectors, and even jumbotrons.

Automatic Updates

This device is always rolling out new features and improvements. You will never have to manually download updates, and you won’t be charged for them either. We want you to always have the best and latest in digital display network technology.