The Commandacom business started many years ago with a focus on telephone systems for Perth business. We built up an excellent reputation in Perth by helping large and small businesses and government agencies connect with voice technologies.

Telecommunications and business phone systems are still an important part of our core service offering and we pride ourselves on the delivery of state of the art systems offering our clients the most technologically advanced ways to communicate by phone and video conferencing.

Our familiarity with business-based technologies and communications led Commandacom to evolve into the Information Technology sector.

In 2013, we acquired Techcare, an IT company in Perth specializing in IT support and consulting. Combining phone-based technology solutions with computer networking, connectivity, security and data protection was a natural progression for us.

And that brings us to what is now our main point of difference in this sector - The delivery of unified services that give our clients’ businesses telecommunications and information technology solutions from a single, local company. Instead of having to deal with multiple Perth IT companies, by engaging with Commandacom, you’re working with one business and one team making everything much more streamlined for you.

For our clients, this combination of Telecomms and IT offers a series of benefits. Firstly, the convenience of a single point of contact for all your business comms and computer-based technology solutions, hardware, service and support.

We’re a local, independent IT company in Perth and the way we merge Telecomms and IT makes us unique. We’re at exactly the right size to deliver a broad scope of services and solutions. Our team are small enough that you’ll get to know them well and enjoy a relationship built on familiarity and trust. In these ways, Commandacom offers a real alternative to dealing with the big IT companies in Perth who are our direct competitors.

With Telecomms and IT, we make sure we keep it nice and simple for you. Our responsibility to our clients is to handle the complexities of the technologies we work with, so you can get on with managing your team and business and enjoy the advantages our solutions deliver.

Our experience in this sector means we have the people and the experience to advise our clients on best practice solutions and systems that give their business increased efficiencies and genuine competitive advantages.

If your current business phone systems and information technology solutions are not giving you these advantages, you should speak to us today by calling 9473 7000 or contact us here.