• March 10, 2016

Avaya Client Applications is a portfolio of client side integration’s with Microsoft® and browser based applications. It takes familiar office tools and transforms them into real-time communications and collaboration tools. It leverages your infrastructure to create secure, reliable connections.

Regardless of where your working and the task at hand you have simple call controls, one-click access to messaging and corporate directories, and real-time 

1. Click to Call

To start voice or video calls, just click phone numbers in your corporate directory, contacts in email, or clients in customer management applications.

2. High-Definition Video

Improve your productivity with face-to-face interactions using person-to-person or multi-party video. Quickly escalate your IM chats or voice calls to video. Hold, mute, or transfer.

3. Cross Platform Integration

This standards-based platform works with Avaya Scopia® Video Collaboration, Avaya Aura® Conferencing, and Avaya Flare® Experience.

Extend Avaya to Microsoft Lync

Bring real-time collaboration features to Microsoft Lync, including voice and video integrated with Lync IM and calendar presence. Extend desktop sharing, Avaya mid-call features, enterprise dial plan support, and more.

Extend Avaya to Microsoft Outlook, Office, and Internet Explorer

Initiate calls with one click from Outlook mail, contact, calendar, task, or journal, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations. Use the web browser add-in to extend the same feature to any web page.

Extend Avaya to Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Click to call directly from your contact lists and CRM records, generate new records, record notes, and view call history. Pop-up notifications provide you with additional customer information for more personalized and informed conversations.

Deploy Clients Quickly with Existing Systems

Out-of-the box integration requires no custom software development or middleware. Use the Avaya telephony system (desk phones, trunks, and management) you already have.

Read on…

Your employees are your most valuable resources, but did you know that nearly half the value each employee generates comes through their work with other people. In today’s global workforce making it easier for your employees to connect and collaborate with enterprise class communications whenever and wherever their working as colleagues, as partners, and perhaps most important with customers on the device that is most appropriate for the task at hand, maybe the single most important thing you can do for your business. But how do you make this happen, given the wide range of tools you already have in place, probably through multiple vendors. Well start with your existing building block, your underlined communications infrastructure, add your apps and desktop tools, then add one more element, Avaya Client Applications.

Avaya Client Applications takes familiar office tools and transforms them into real time communications and collaboration tools with enhanced media and capabilities. It leverages your infrastructure and to create secure reliable connections and establishes an open platform that minimises current costs while maximising future deployment opportunities.

Now regardless of where your working and the task at hand, you have simple intuitive call controls, one click accessing to messaging, corporate directories, and real time web collaborations. The ability to move easily from IME to One-to-One conversations and audio conferencing, and integration with a full range video capabilities, person to person, room to room, business to business. In stead of getting some of these capabilities on some devices, get all of these capabilities on the broadest range of devices. Avaya Client Applications does it all with simple out of the box integration.

Deploy it as a client side Avaya Aura application and connect it directly to your desktop applications or in a virtual environment. Now your business to combine the existing user experience that your employees know so well with the real time communications and collaborations your business needs to thrive. Plus the Avaya performance and quality you can’t live without. 5-9’s + availability, N+1 resiliency, media cascading to reduce bandwidth consumption and complete communications security across remote sites without requiring VPN’s. All of this at a total cost of ownership that is a fraction of what you will pay with other solutions.

Avaya Client Applications is an open platform you keep your options open on the tools you can use in the future. Talk to us to see how easy it is to take your existing clients and transform them into fully loaded unified communcations and collabration clients. Businesses can succeed when their employees have the tools they need to work together. Rely on Commandacom to make it happen.