Samsung Communications Manager

Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Enterprise is a comprehensive unified communications solution optimised for medium to large enterprises.

SCM Enterprise delivers enterprise grade performance, call control, and rich applications to meet the changing demands of dynamic and growing businesses.

All-in-one Unified Communications Solution

Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Enterprise provides a single, highly scaleable platform that efficiently delivers unified communications, messaging, conferencing and mobility integration.

Enterprise Grade Reliability

The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Enterprise is designed to support server redundancy and site survivability.  The SCM Enterprise can be configured for “Active Standby” operation (system redundancy) and “Active Active” operation (geo-redundancy), delivering 99.999% enterprise grade reliability.  In the event of network failure, the SCM Enterprise Media Gateway can deliver local site survivability through the utilisation of local network resources.


The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Enterprise can scale as your business grows.  SCM Enterprise supports up to 3000 users in a single solution providing your business with investment protection and flexibility.

Flexible Deployment

The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Enterprise provides an enterprise with the flexibility of deploying on-premise or cloud-based unified communications.

Streamlined Administration and Management

The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Enterprise streamlines the management of system features, applications and troubleshooting through the integrated Administrator tool.  Being able to effectively and efficiently manage your communications and with real-time service quality and monitoring, the SCM Enterprise Administrator tool ensures that network quality and performance will not be compromised.

Unified Communications

The Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) Enterprise provides call control with embedded applications that help to eliminate the additional costs which stem from multiple application servers, complications from servers running different operating systems, and consolidates the management of your business critical applications.  Embedded applications within the SCM Enterprise deliver unified messaging, voice conferencing, call recording, call centre (Automatic Call Distribution) and smartphone integration.

Samsung Telephone Systems

Samsung’s OfficeServ IP phone systems make the perfect business telephone systems. Their PBX phone systems enhance the communications of businesses large and small.

The OfficeServ system integrates the latest developments in voice over internet protocol (VOIP) technology with the intelligence and stability of traditional telecommunications technology.

OfficeServ 7000 Series

Connect your business to the power of convergence Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 Series.
Samsung’s OfficeServ 7000 Series communications platform places the power of convergence in the hands of today’s growing businesses. Taking full advantage of industry leading convergence technology, the OfficeServ Series reduces communications costs with a single platform for voice and data, wired and wireless communications as well as traditional voice and IP (Internet Protocol) telephony.

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in the electronics market and a renowned provider of superior and affordable technology solutions, has developed the system based on expertise in wireless communications, digital technology and core networks. In the past, only the largest companies could afford technology of this calibre. With the OfficeServ 7000 Series, Samsung has leveled the playing field for today’s small, medium and large-sized businesses with an affordable, easy to use converged communications system. 

Wireless Deskphones

The SMT-i6000 series IP handsets are designed to meet the needs of today’s unified communications environments with total deployment flexibility in supporting both PoE with Gigabit pass through and WiFi (802.11n) connectivity options across the range.  The SMT-i6000 series IP handset range has been designed for the Samsung Communications Manager (SCM) platform and will also work with the existing OfficeServ 7000 series IP PBX range.

Model: SMT-i6021

Model: SMT-i5243

IP Deskphones

Samsung SMT handset range offer large, clear screens that display intuitive, relevant information direct to your handset giving you visibility and control of your communications.  Direct access to voice mail, call logs and system directory are just some of the features accessible at the touch of a button. 

Digital Deskphones

Samsung digital handsets are the perfect choice for crystal clear communications in your small, medium or large company. Designed to work with Samsung's OfficeServ 7000 Series systems, your digital handsets range helps you manage flexible, programmable functions for more efficient call processing.

Model: OSDS5021D

Wireless IP Handset

Wireless Phones

Samsung wireless mobility solutions takes office telephony into new areas, giving your staff complete freedom to move around the office, while still being able to take and make calls. With interruption free handover between base stations, your staff can roam over large industrial, retail office or hospitality complexes and remain in constant contact.

Samsung Mobility

Samsung WE VoIP is a smartphone application that provides corporate users voice-over-IP communications over private Wi-Fi networks when in the office and public Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE network when out of the office.


Samsung Wireless LAN

Samsung Wireless LAN

The Samsung WLAN solution provides integrated and scalable WLAN infrastructure with a management capacity of up to 500 access points per controller, 10,000 client devices with a 20 Gbps data plane. The future-proof Samsung WLAN solution ensures users a reliable and scalable wireless access as well as secure and greater coverage.