• May 24, 2017
SIP call hacking is increasing and is now an ongoing security problem for all businesses.

Hackers are always searching for new ways to take control of your SIP/VOIP enabled telephone system so they can run up call charges to your account.

Commmandacom can secure your telephone system’s operating software and external access so business communication costs remain under your control.

If your system has been enabled for remote maintenance we strongly suggest you check with your IT Administrator or provider (or Commandacom can attend site and check vulnerable settings) that your LAN Router utilises IP filtering on port 8443. Note – not all Routers allow IP filtering, especially lower end models.

Stay secure. Reduce hacking threats by updating your telephone system’s operating software and firmware to the latest versions. 

Call Commandacom on 08 9473 7000. Keeping the costs of business communications under your control.

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