• October 18, 2016

Poltys Direct Care Connect™ (DCC) is a wireless nurse call alert and personal emergency response system for the entire range of eldercare and senior living.

DCC replaces caregiver pagers or walkie-talkie radios, and eliminates the overhead paging, speeding up the overall response time by prioritizing alarm notifications for proper response. DCC allows caregivers to call back the resident instead of walking to him/ her room.

Quick and reliable service is essential for Administrators, caregivers, and the people that they care for. As an administrator, having the ability to track resident requests and identify which caregivers are going to be providing assistance can provide peace of mind and higher customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, automatic notifications empower caregivers to be more efficient, with prompt response times, as well as give Administrators and managers the power to track personal data and to evaluate their performance on a regular basis using real-time graphs and historical reports.

Poltys DCC components integrate into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create efficient and secure responses to medical alerts.


DCare™ Connect is the wireless application and service that sends voice announcements in Push-to-Talk mode and text alarms between caregivers by mobile devices. Voice announcements and text alarms are received by caregiver groups predefined in DCC. Text alarms are simultaneously displayed and played back by caregiver mobile device. Caregiver may accept, reject, or call a predefined phone number by either spoken commands or tapping specific buttons on the mobile device.


DCare™ Connect can combine voice announcements and commands in hands-free mode for greater caregiver convenience and efficiency. The voice announcements are initiated by simple voice commands like “Call Nurse”. They are sent afterwards to the destination caregiver phone speakers. The voice commands are instantly detected by speech recognition engine and then right operation is carried out instantly.


Poltys DCC integrates with most of industry standard Nurse Call Systems and Fire Alarm Systems. DCare™ Connect client may be used in mixed deployments with multiple mobile devices along with any kind of PBX DECT phones. Special DCC telephony integration may be implemented on customer premises that already has a telephony system in place, up and running.


As Administrators, metrics are extremely important, as they can provide the opportunity for you to stay in touch with both the caregivers and residents, behind the scenes. This will allow you to ensure the highest quality of care without disrupting the flow of the living environment process or the caregiver. On the back end, Poltys DCC serves as a powerful data-processing tool that provides customized data which can be sorted or presented with helpful charts or graphs.


Comprehensive Nurse Call and Fire Alarm Systems integration. Alarm escalation on multiple levels. Escalate to a mix of devices – mobile devices/ DECT phones/ phone numbers for remote working medical staff. Hands-free operation – Text-to-Speech and spoken commands to handsets. Superior caregivers’ collaboration via voice announcements in Walkie-Talkie mode. Comprehensive reporting with most important productivity metrics for caregivers. Schedule reports to be printed/ sent to Email with recurrence.


Special telephony integration may be deployed on customer-premises that already has the telephony system in place, up and running. The integration services take advantage of the CTI interface exposed by the PBX manufacturer. For example, Poltys DCC is fully compatible with Panasonic KX-NS, TDE, NCP, and TDA PBX series. The text alarms are sent as CTI messages and they are presented on the display of DECT terminals.