• September 9, 2015
We bring telephone and information technology servicestogether to make it simple, reduce costs for our clients and manage two areas that are becoming increasingly connected.
We excel at delivering combined telephone communications and information technology solutions for Perth businesses. At Commandacom the team is driven by sound ethics, experience and commitment to customer service.


Now, more than ever, there is a far closer and more significant connection between the way your business communicates and your IT solutions. The two are becoming more closely connected and that is one of the reasons Commandacom acquired the ability to offer IT services to our clients.

With a clear connection between the two, it makes perfect sense to offer clients both service streams from a single company. Working with Commandacom for telephones and technology keeps it simple, streamlines the process and gives us the ability to increase the value we give our clients.


Our people are not motivated by brand or product alliances or sales commissions. They are motivated by developing the best possible solutions for the challenges your business faces and achieving those solutions within the budget. With our focus on phone and technology solutions that meet the unique challenges faced by each client, you can rest assured that our service delivery is of the highest quality, and value.

Those are the values that Commandacom has been built on and they will continue to drive us forward.


We know, IT can be confusing. Many people don’t really understand what it means, what it involves and what the benefits are. That’s ok, that’s what we’re here for. We can work with you to educate you on IT and make these things clear, or you can simply place your trust in us and not worry about a thing. If you have people with a higher level of understanding, that’s great and we’re happy to provide them with the technical information they need so they can appreciate exactly what we are doing and where we are delivering genuine technology advantages.

Our team provide support and advice on all things technical including Internet Service Providers and we’re happy to help our clients get the best possible value from these suppliers, or look for new options when required.


It seems that everything is being placed in ‘The Cloud’. Let’s keep this simple – The Cloud is really just a popular term for the internet, or a hosting environment that is remote from your business. The advantages of cloud hosting are many and varied, with the most common one being data security and the ease of accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection.

IT and Telephone solutions can both benefit from cloud integrations and we’ll help your people understand the pros and the cons and place you in the best possible position from which to make an informed decision.