Streamline Productivity and Stay Ahead of the Curve with Premium Unified Communications Services

For a business to thrive, implementing a streamlined communication system is essential. So what's the best way to keep everyone on the same page company-wide? How can you effectively incorporate the latest technology cost-effectively? Is it possible to connect various devices and digital communication methods by transitioning to a single platform? The answer is yes, and the solution is a unified communication (UC) service.

UC can save you time, money, and keep your business at the forefront of technological innovation. Unified communication services give you cross-platform compatible solutions that can be used to keep everyone in the loop, from essentially anywhere, at any time. With secure cloud phone system connectivity, businesses can access HD video conferencing, audio calls, messaging, file sharing, and more, from any smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Unified Communications

All About Unified Communication Systems

Unified Communications can be used to implement various communication methods simultaneously on one cloud-based platform. This means that everyone in your company will be able to effortlessly connect from any device, anywhere, at any time.

With innovative communication and collaboration software, you and your employees can call, message, video chat, from any device, no matter what platform that device is running on. This means that you'll have access to clear audio calls, high-quality video conferencing, quick messaging, secure file sharing, screen sharing, and more, without any frustrating system issues. Whether you want to use a PC, tablet or smartphone, by implementing a single cloud-compatible application, everyone can easily stay in touch. UC even offers third party connectivity.

Unified communication services let you stay in touch, communicate quickly, implement fast and secure file sharing, and simplify your entire company communication system seamlessly. This scalable form of cloud VoIP offers you everything you'd expect with a cloud based phone system, and then some. With video calls, conferencing, and multimedia collaboration, you can keep your company ahead of the technological curve, so you'll be better prepared to handle whatever comes your way.

Efficiency and Productivity

Single Billing for all Communications
Reduce costs to provide telephony.
Video Presence
See the presence of co-workers through UCaaS.
Instant Chat - Unified Communications
Chat through unified messaging.
Connect UC Communications
Create ad-hoc collaboration spaces to share documents instantly.
Unified Communications API catalogue
Remove the need to buy large scale systems and hold onto these for years to come.
Improve the ability for staff to collaborate from almost anywhere.
Managed Voice - Cloud SIP Trunks
Have a single number reach across multiple devices or locations.
Cloud PBX Flexibility
Service will be identical at all locations.


Unified Communication Solutions

Flexibility, Connectivity, and Productivity for Your Business

UC seamlessly lets you transition between communication methods. Converge voice, video, or data synchronization all on one fully-integrated and reliable platform. Your company will be able to connect devices liberally from anywhere using WiFi or hardwired connections. Integrate your phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices and see how easily creativity and communication can flow when versatility is limitless. With secure cloud delivery, UC consolidates everything in one easy to access online cloud platform using cutting-edge technology. This lets your company stay ahead of the curve and prepare to tackle whatever comes next.

UC Mobile Softphone

Brings together powerful Unified Communications services and is provided with soft clients for PC, Mac, and Apple’s IOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablets.

Commandacom tick
Instant messaging and group chat
Commandacom tick
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Voice and video calling
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Multi-party voice and video conferencing
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Desktop sharing in real time
Unified Mobile Softphone
Work With Any Schedule

If you miss a call, message features notify you so that you can listen to your voicemails from anywhere. This is great for workers on different schedules who need to stay up-to-date with company events.

Stay On Top of The Day

Never miss a sales opportunity again. Device forwarding allows you to stay fully connected, even when you're out of the office. Have calls forwarded to your tablet, smartphone, or PC easily!

Consistent and Reliable Service

Service is identical everywhere. No matter your location, you and your team will experience fast and secure communication that stays consistent.

Streamlined Messaging

Team members can chat through unified messaging features or in groups as small as two. Each group size can be customized based on the needs of each user.

Choose from Voice or Video Calling

Enjoy enhanced communication from face to face video calling or turn off the camera and utilize audio-only calling. Video conferencing is another added bonus that can be extremely useful, especially in today's ever-growing remote workplace environment.

Secure Connectivity

Accountability and security are improved upon with secure connectivity. You will eliminate the need for phone numbers and contact sharing. A secure closed system protects company and employee information while allowing an expansive inner network to flow without interruption. This innovative UC solution also makes sure that all calls are made and received through one business telephone number.

Scalable and Sustainable Growth

Don't worry about having to switch systems every few years. UC is scalable and can be used for small or large businesses. With available third-party integration, you can scale and manage communications in any direction that your business needs to go or grow.

Track and Reference Instant Message History

You can easily keep track of your instant message history. This means that businesses can look back on IM discussions to draw from real conversations. No more going back and debating what was or wasn't said. Everything is stored securely and efficiently for fast and hassle-free access to authorized personnel.

Lower Phone Costs

WiFi calling and cloud-based call systems drastically reduce wireless bills for companies and employees alike. With lower phone costs, your company resources can be directed in more profitable directions.

Improved Company Presence

With online indicators and presence monitoring, managers and business owners can stay on top of employee productivity and presence. This also helps businesses avoid distractions and interruptions.

Collaborate Easily and Effectively

Employees and staff members can communicate from almost anywhere at any time. SO, for international travel, this is an amazing feature.

Fast File and Screen Sharing

You can also easily build a creative ad-hoc collaboration. These creation spaces allow company employees to share documents instantly.

Cross-Platform Communication from Anywhere

You and your team can contact each other by using a single number. This lets your business reach across multiple devices and gain access to new locations. Use devices that are more convenient for you or switch between devices as needed throughout the day. With cross-platform and multi-device compatibility, everyone on your team will have the ability to connect to the system in one way or another. This allows for a unified front and simplified system from top to bottom.

Uninterrupted Company Operations

You can significantly reduce unwanted IT expenses. UC service is fast and very easy to implement. Business continuity can be maintained with minimal impact on workflow. In addition to easy setup, once UC is in place, your company will be protected from future interruptions to employee workflow from external events. This includes disruption from natural disasters, emergency shutdowns, and other unforeseeable situations.

Keep The Entire Team Connected

You can check on the availability of each team member through online presence indicators. This way, you'll know who's available and who is otherwise occupied. Other features (like message updating) let you keep your conversations going with everyone on your team. When calls are a disruption, team members can reference their messages and stay in the loop without interrupting their workflow or reducing productivity.

Desk phones available with Unified Communications Solution

Yealink T42S SIP Phone

A Reliable and Affordable SIP Phone for Business

Yealink DECT IP Phone

SIP Cordless Phone System designed specifically for small businesses

Yealink T48S SIP Phone

A Revolutionary SIP Phone with a 7-inch Touch Screen

Yealink T56A SIP Phone

Advanced IP Phone with easy Audio and Visual Communication

Yealink CP960 Conference Unit

Enterprise-grade conference phone for mid-and-large-sized meeting rooms

Polycom VVX150 SIP Phone

Two-line, simple IP phone that delivers reliable performance.

Polycom VVX DECT IP Phone

Cordless IP phone with DECT wireless technology.

Polycom VVX350 SIP Phone

Six-line, mid-range IP desk phone with colour display.

Polycom VVX450 SIP Phone

Twelve-line, performance IP desk phone with colour display.

Polycom Trio Conference Unit

Smart conference phone for any meeting space.

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