Unified Communications

Here at Commandacom, we provide a wide range of communication products, IT services, telecommunication and IT support to small and large businesses in Perth, WA. As well as expert IT services and top of the range technology products, we can also can provide your business’s office with a unique, unified communications system, perfect for your internal and external communication needs.

A unified communications system is about combining all of the media platforms such as; calls, multimedia, phones, emails videos, computers, all intertwined and all connected together as one, allowing for the ultimate unified communications system in your office. This unified communications system will allow for higher levels of communication amongst all employees and will hopefully improve levels of productivity, creating more space for ideas and problem solving. This system will also improve external communications allowing for more and better business opportunities for your company.

For more information about unified communications and how your office can benefit, contact Commandacom today on 08 9473 7000, or alternatively please fill out one of our contact forms below. 


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