Communicating face-to-face is always more effective than any other option and video conferencing means people can achieve face-to-face communications regardless of their location or separation.

Now more than ever, relationships mean success in business and it’s simply not possible to build relationships over the phone. People communicate far more effectively in person.

An important part of the expertise and services we offer is connecting businesses to clients and staff in other location via video conferencing with our preferred provider, Lifesize.

Using Lifesize, you get a simple, one-touch video conferencing solution that lets anyone pull up a seat at a meeting from anywhere, at any time and using whatever devices they prefer. You even have an option for how you connect - via the cloud or over your own network. You just have to decide what works best for your company.

Lifesize delivers the highest quality substitute there is to meeting in person. With Lifesize, your conference room is connected to wherever your people happen to be, in crystal-clear HD quality. Our incredible video connection systems combine with cloud solutions and mobile apps to allow everyone in your organisation to experience meetings as though they are in the same room. And all this can happen from wherever they are, on any mobile device.

Connect your business via video conferencing and you’ll enjoy advantages including:

Instant communication to accelerate the speed of business.
Gain a competitive advantage over less advanced companies.
Scale up cost-effectively from low quality free web conferencing to HD business video.
Reduce or eliminate the need for travel for meetings.
Prevent weather delays from getting in the way of your meetings.
Experience mobile meetings that happen anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Manage a global supply chain in person from the palm of your hand.

Cloud and Hardware Options

You have two options when it comes to high quality video conferencing. You can host your solution in the cloud so you don’t need to worry about it. Or you can keep the technology in your own data centre so you can maintain total control.

For a no-questions and no-admin solution, we recommend the cloud.

Or, if you need to comply with security regulations or want to manage your existing hardware investments, on-premise is probably the right choice.

Reliable, High Quality Video Connection

Free, online solutions might be ok for small, casual businesses, students and families, but after a while they can damage your business. Serious businesses and organisations need a reliable, high quality video conferencing solution.

Our solutions mean you practically forget that everyone isn’t actually in the same room. This level of performance can transform the way people think about your company and its capabilities.

And there are plenty of other great benefits to video conferencing too:>

The convenience of scale gives more people access to the conference than you can ever achieve around a laptop.
The size and clarity of an LCD screen is incomparable to desk top or lap top computers.
You can record the conference for people who can’t attend and to review later.
Real time customer support makes sure your conferences go ahead as planned.

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