Voice over IP is also known as internet telephony, but we’re all about keeping things simple, so we’ll stick with VOIP.

VOIP utilises a packet switched network that can save you money and give your company a technological advantage over your competitors.

Whether your company has 5 or 1000 plus employees, Commandacom's VOIP Solutions can provide a complete communications solution comprising voice, data, hardware, installation, training, support and maintenance.

VOIP offers a range of potential advantages to your business including:

Cost savings.
No more expensive line rentals.
Access to all the latest business enhancing features.
The ability to work from anywhere in the worldwide.

SIP Trunking is a business grade voice solution that makes sure only the necessary amount of concurrent business calls can be made or received. The benefit that delivers is no more rental costs for unused copper lines.

The savings provided by SIP trunking are just the beginning. SIP benefits can be extended by using it to integrate facilities, consolidate hardware, and ultimately turn disparate communications endpoints into collaborative SIP sessions.

SIP trunking is much more than a low-cost alternative to standard copper lines. It also helps increase business agility and significantly improve employee productivity. As such, it can help organisations ride the next wave of SIP transformation to improve collaboration and enhance customer experience through full integration of voice, video and data communications.

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