What’s the cost of an outage to your business?

  • September 1, 2020

The impact of a communications outage – what’s the cost to your business?

If you were to suddenly experience a 24 hour comms outage or if your employees were unable to get into your office, what would the escalating cost be to your business?

Between 40-60% of businesses will not recover from an unexpected outage.

When ‘no service’ isn’t an option, our unified communications platform removes the risk of unexpected events and hardware failures and gives you confidence in your services. Backed by carrier grade redundancies and continually updated to ensure industry best practices, we provide modular communications solutions to fit your business needs and improve workplace culture.

  • Switch to internet-based hardware devices with inbuilt integration and automated firmware upgrades.
  • Utilise industry best technology including BroadWorks call features and/or Microsoft Teams to get the most out of your customer and collaboration experiences.
  • Give your employees the freedom to switch seamlessly between in-office phones and their preferred device with no interruptions.
  • Remove the ‘single point of failure’ PBX solution

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