• October 12, 2016
IT security is a vital element of any network, as is the ease of access for the users of your IT services. With a recent study finding that users are becoming wary of constant warnings about security, and the difficulties associated with keeping an increasing number of passwords for applications and services, the need for secure Single-Sign-On services has never been more apparent.

XIRRUS WiFi now offer the cloud-based solution EasyPass, which allows users to securely connect devices to the corporate network using Microsoft Azure, Google or simple IT-issued credentials. EasyPass combines WiFi access with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps authentication so that user credentials can be used to connect to the WiFi network and domain resources.

Connecting to the network is simplified as there’s not app to download, captive portal webpages or registration processes required. The new EasyPass functionality leverages the cloud-based Microsoft Azure user authentication employed by Office 365, neatly tying everything together into one simple process. Depending on your type of organisation, this integration can eliminate the need to operate a separate user authentication system on site.

Another benefit of EasyPass is its ability to create secure personal WiFi networks on typically unsecured public Wifi. A simple, one-time process authenticates your devices, ensuring the data across their platforms is safe inside a public network at all times. Unlike a VPN, which encrypts end-to-end connections back to a corporate network and requires additional software, EasyPass Personal enables users to easily create their own secure personal network that automatically encrypts the data on the Wi-Fi network.

EasyPass Onboarding greatly simplifies the process of providing secure access for employee-owned devices. Using unique passwords managed per user, security is greatly improved compared with shared password implementations.

For more information about EasyPass and Xirrus solutions, contact the team at Commandacom.

Xirrus Infographic